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5 New best Biology scope in our life

Have you ever wondered why Biology is informed in your school? Do we want to learn Biology? How does it help us in recognizing the living world around us? Let us analyze deep into the world and biology scope through this article.
Without spending any time, let us get turned on with the topic.

What is biology?

It is an area of science that deals with the study of living organisms (plants, animals and microorganisms). We also study their biological systems and functions and how they are important for the atmosphere.

Origin of Biology

The term comes from the Greek word ‘bios’ meaning life and, ‘logos’ means to study. Because he was the first person who related life and its origin to biology rather than thinking it to be from the divine source, which was the thought of people in that era.

Branches of Biology

It can be distributed into three main branches, namely:

Botany: It deals with the study of plants.
Zoology: It deals with the study of animals.
Microbiology: It deals with the study of unicellular and microscopic organisms.

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Biology Scope in different Fields

The interesting element is that it is not only the study that discovers mysterious secrets of the world. It is also a field of education and employment.

There is the following scope of biology in different fields:

1. Biology scope in Anthropology

It contains learning about the history of human beings through archaeology to understand the biological and physiological characteristics of humans. Similarly, also their advancement through different eras.

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2. Biology scope in Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering has the potential to provide numerous benefits, such as the ability to create crops that are more resistant to pests and environmental stress, to produce medicines and vaccines more efficiently, and to develop treatments for genetic diseases. It can also be used to enhance the nutritional value of food and improve animal welfare.

3. Biology scope in Medicine

It can be evaluated as a blessing to medicine. Be it a simple disease or infectious disease. Drugs need to be there to fix it. It can be in the aspect of vaccines or steroids or drugs.

4. Biology scope in Industries

The majority of industries use plant and animal stocks as their raw material. Consequently, it is the study of plants and animals that helps in operating an industry. Major industries include dairy, food, leather, textile, paper, jute, etc.

5.Biology scope in Agriculture

It gives important useful knowledge about fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides that must be utilized. It has enormous application in the development of disease-resistant varieties, decent production of crops in words of quality and quantity, etc.

Career of Biology

There are plenty of career vacancies in the field of biology.


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